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February 2016

Jordan Becker wins QED’s top prize at team building event

Jordan Becker Wins a Remote Control Drone


QED recently attended the Republic Services General Manager’s Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. At the conclusion of the Conference, Republic Services hosted a team building event at Top Golf in Scottsdale.READ MORE


LFG Newsletter January 2016

QED Environmental Systems and Landtec North America join forces!

We are extremely pleased to announce that our parent company, Graco Inc., has acquired LANDTEC North America, Inc. and that LANDTEC will become part of the QED family.

Formed in 1988 and headquartered in Colton, California, LANDTEC has grown to be a premier provider of technology and equipment for accurate, repeatable measurement and control of methane and other greenhouse gases to the landfill gas industry.READ MORE


Santa Cruz Meets THM/DBP Challenge with Unique Air Stripping Process

Santa Cruz has successfully demonstrated an innovative way for the City to meet its water quality goals while using process recycled water as part of its supply source. Using the recycled water had caused concern about reliably meeting the U.S. EPA THM/DBP potable water quality standards in its finished water. READ MORE


LFG Newsletter July 2015

Environmental Pump Solutions (EPS) is now part of QED

July 13, 2015, Ann Arbor, MI − Environmental Pump Solutions (EPS) has been acquired and is now part of QED Environmental Systems. Through this new addition, QED now offers an array of attractive electric pump solutions to complement its well-known line of AutoPump® air-powered pumps.READ MORE


LFG Newsletter April 2015

QED's Educational Poster Series

ControllingLFGOdors small


QED will be sharing their four new "Components of a Well-Balanced Well Field" educational posters in the next few LFG Newsletters. This issue includes poster #2 — Controlling Landfill Gas Odors.

100% Leak-tested LFG WellheadsLeakTest web

QED understands it is very important that landfill gas systems limit the leakage of air into the collected gas flow. To ensure that QED's LFG wellheads do their part in controlling leaks, we have leak tested 100% of our gas wellheads since early in the products' introduction. READ MORE



High Tech, Non-stick Finishes Reduce Pump Maintenance; Calculator Shows Your Savings

A comparison test at a landfill dealing with high solids showed that new non-stick finishes inside the pump greatly extended the period between servicing. The landfill saved enough money in maintenance costs that they could pay for their new AutoPump® (Patent Pending) AP4 Ultra from QED in 12 months. READ MORE


Case Studies Show QED's New Pump Lowers Maintenance Costs

QED's new AutoPump® AP4 Ultra was tested at multiple landfills across the country, dealing with the most severe applications. These comparison tests show that a landfill in Wisconsin saved enough in maintenance costs to pay for their new Ultra in 10 months, and a landfill in Tennessee recouped the price of their Ultra in just 4 months. READ MORE


LFG Newsletter January 2015

QED's Educational Poster Series

 OperationsMaintenanceSafety small


QED will be sharing their four new "Components of a Well-Balanced Well Field" educational posters in the next few LFG Newsletters. This issue includes poster #1 — Operations, Maintenance, and Safety.

New Low-maintenance Pump Lasts up to 10 Times Longer Between Service Events and Requires 50% Less Time to Clean

ultra pumpQED's new AutoPump (Patent Pending) AP4 Ultra has already been tested in the most severe applications, and it ran longer and was easier to clean than a standard pump. READ MORE


New Landfill Gas System Utilizes QED's Revolutionary LFG Measurement and Control Technology

AliOnSite small"The main advantage, to me, is the Fine Tune™ Control Valve that is used on the QED wellhead − it’s one of those revolutionary things in the landfill gas industry. Gate valves don’t give you very good control unless you always want the valve 100% open and you can apply as much vacuum as possible. But when it comes to low-flow wells then it’s important to be able to balance the field, and with a gate valve you really can’t do that,” said Ali Abedini of Sperling Hansen Associates Inc. READ MORE



EasyPortsNew Bird-proof LFG Wellhead Sampling Ports with Twist-on Covers

Monitoring LFG well flow is the key to maintaining a healthy well field, improving methane production, and staying in compliance. What was once a tedious process has become fast and simple with QED’s Easy Port™ Wellhead Fittings (Patent Pending). READ MORE



LFG Newsletter November 2014

En Novative Technologies Joining QED

November 17, 2014, Ann Arbor, MI – En Novative Technologies is happy to announce they are now part of QED Environmental Systems, Inc. En Novative's market leading, EPA-accepted En Core® Sampler, as well as their other soil sampling tools, are now backed by QED's more than 30 years of experience in developing and delivering quality sampling products.READ MORE


LFG Newsletter October 2014

Innovation Boosts Performance in Thousands of Wells: Why Not Yours?

Innovative WellheadTwo years ago a new generation of landfill gas wellheads started to revolutionize the LFG landscape. Easy Access Well Caps in QED’s distinctive yellow color have appeared all over the country, embraced and adopted by the leading landfill operators as well as by energy production companies. This and other new technologies from QED are being utilized in thousands of wells in the most challenging applications. READ MORE

QED's Fine Tune™ Control Valve Makes Linear Gas Flow Control Easy, Even Under 10 SCFM

FTCVcutawayThe Fine Tune™ Control Valve from QED is the only landfill gas flow valve that allows easy and precise adjustment of flow under 10 scfm. READ MORE

New Molded Orifice Plates for LFG Wellheads – COMING SOON

NewColorOrificePlatesQED will soon be introducing new color-indexed orifice plates for our 2" LFG Wellheads. READ MORE


posterQED will soon be releasing their new educational poster series. Learn all you need to know about the “Components of a Well-Balanced Wellfield,” including Operations, Maintenance, and Safety; Controlling Landfill Gas Odors; Maximizing Landfill Gas Collection; and Maintaining High Gas Quality.

New UV-protected Flex Hose is Changing the Industry

SolarguardAugust 11, 2014, Ann Arbor, MI - QED has revolutionized landfill gas hose with its new Solarguard™ Flex Hose, which is made with UV-resistant flexible PVC with a rigid PVC helix. Accelerated UV tests have proven that this formula allows Solarguard hose to maintain tensile strength and flexibility, so it can last at least twice as long as conventional hoses. And, Solarguard hose will not experience as many cracks and air leaks as standard PVC hose, helping to improve the overall health of your well field.

Solarguard hose fits over 2” and 3” PVC pipe, is available in 5’ and 100’ lengths, and comes in QED’s distinctive yellow color. QED’s all-stainless steel banding coils are uniquely designed to fit Solarguard hose and use high strength, all-stainless steel clamps, which are user friendly, durable, and far less expensive than commonly used plated helical hose clamps.

Learn more about this innovative new flex hose at www.qedenv.com/solarguard.

LFG Newsletter August 2014

Case Study: Improved Well Tuning Achieved at a Landfill Gas to Energy Developer's Sites


Morrow Renewables has replaced all their existing wellheads with QED Quick-Change™ Orifice Plate Wellheads in their LFGTE wellfields. This has enabled them to achieve more accurate flow measurements and precise adjustment control, essential for tuning wells effectively. READ THE FULL CASE STUDY

The Advantages of Dedicated Bubbler Tubes for Liquid Level Measurements

dedicated bubbler tubeLandfill technicians commonly use a level meter tape to measure LFG well liquid levels. With this method, they have to shut down the system vacuum, open the wellhead and, after the measurement, reassemble the wellhead. Not only does this take time, but landfill gas is released and the level readings are affected by removing the vacuum; and air is introducted into the collection system. READ MORE

UV-resistant Flex Hose lasts Twice as Long as Conventional Hose

Solarguard Flex Hose

QED has reinvented landfill gas hose with its new Solarguard™ Flex Hose, which is made with UV-resistant PVC. Accelerated UV tests have shown that Solarguard hose can last at least twice as long as standard PVC hoses. READ MORE

LFG Newsletter April 2014


Is this Gate Valve Open or Closed? TAKE THE QUIZ



QED’s Fine Tune™ Control Valve 4 Times Stronger than PVC Valves


Engineers at QED recently conducted a torque break test comparison between a PVC gate valve and QED’s Precision Fine Tune Control Valve™. READ MORE

LFG Newsletter March 2014

South Texas Landfill Increases Gas Flows and Maintains Regulatory Compliance with Fine Tune Control Valve™

S. Texas Landfill

During 2011, four QED Precision Fine Tune Control Valves™ were installed in wells at a south Texas landfill. Well data was tracked for a period of time before and after the installation of the Control Valves, along with data from the closest neighboring well on the same trunk line (that was using a gate valve for flow control) to be used as an additional comparison. All of this well data was compiled into an interesting case study showing how QED products can improve landfill gas flows and help maintain regulatory compliance. READ THE FULL CASE STUDY

Red Wellhead Port Covers are for the Birds

red port covers

QED had originally designed its Wellheads to have red port covers. It soon became clear that idea was for the birds. READ MORE

Well Caps that Allow Liquid Level Readings Without Removing the Wellhead

QED well cap

QED’s Well Caps are the first engineered gas well caps that allow liquid level readings without removing the wellhead. This causes less system disruption, makes taking level measurements faster and safer, and landfill technicians are not exposed to gases that may be released from the well. READ MORE

LFG Newsletter December 2013

Winged Collar Makes Changing Orifice Plates Even Easier

winged collar

QED has redesigned the collar on the Quick-Change™ Orifice Plate Wellhead (U.S. Patent Number 8,800,597 & Patents Pending) to now have wings. This makes the collar more ergonomic and even easier to turn when making orifice plate changes. READ MORE

7 Factors in Selecting a Landfill/Remediation Pump


There are seven important factors to consider when buying a landfill/remediation pump. QED has you covered when it comes to the best pumps and accessories with expert support and resources. READ MORE

Dewatering a Well by 8 feet Will Pay for a Pump in One Year

dewatering graph

Landfill gas (LFG) wells frequently accumulate leachate and condensate that can greatly reduce the gas collected. Dewatering systems can reduce these liquid levels, increasing gas flow and improving system efficiency. READ MORE

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Flow Measurement Devices

Quick-Change plates

When using traditional landfill gas flow measurement devices it can be difficult to obtain accurate flow readings. Inaccurate flow measurements can lead to an improperly balanced wellfield, resulting in numerous problems including regulatory exceedances. READ MORE

LFG Newsletter Fall 2013

City of Denton Landfill and QED Technology Featured in MSW Management Magazine


Moving to cutting-edge LFG control technology, one Texas landfill is producing higher-quality gas along with more consistent energy plant operation. READ MORE

The Science Behind Differential Pressure and Gas Flow Measurement


Most landfill gas flow measurement devices create differential pressure (DP). The DP reading is then used to calculate flow. Flow readings are highly dependent on the accuracy of the DP reading. READ MORE

QED Fine Tune™ Control Valve uses Engineered Plastics to Outlast PVC Valves


QED has upgraded its Fine Tune™ Control Valve (U.S. Patent Number 8,800,597) with glass fiber reinforced polypropylene to add durability and increase the life of the Valve's active components. READ MORE

QED's New Orifice Plate Selector Guide

ORP card foldout

The Orifice Plate Selector Guide is a handy tool that allows you to quickly determine the best orifice plate size for your application. READ MORE

Suite of Online Tools puts Calculations at Your Fingertips

dewatering calculator

QED has a suite of online tools that are designed to help you make the right decisions about landfill gas flow, orifice plate selection, and AutoPump® air consumption. Here we will be highlighting QED’s Landfill Gas Dewatering Calculator. READ MORE

Another Online Tool that puts Calculations at Your Fingertips. Here we will be highlighting QED’s Orifice Plate Flow Calculator. READ MORE

QED's Online AutoPump® Flow Rate and Air Consumption Calculator. Here we will be highlighting another QED Online Tool. READ MORE

WaterWorld Magazine

air stripper article link

QED E-Z Tray® (U.S. Patent Number 5,518,668) Air Strippers were featured in WaterWorld magazine. Read the original article: