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Landfill Gas Collection Improvement Calculator

Reducing liquid levels in landfill gas wells is one of the most important factors in reaching project goals for collecting landfill gas. Excessive liquid levels can hinder the free flow of gas into the screened section of the well. Installing a pumping system in the well exposes more of the screen section, which can increase the collection rates.

The new Landfill Gas Calculator from QED lets you easily estimate the additional gas flow and revenue that can be generated by dewatering landfill gas wells. Input your values for additional gas flow per foot of exposed screen in standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM), the percentage of methane in your landfill gas and the current market value of methane in your area, then see the impact on the bottom line as a direct result of reducing liquid levels in your gas wells. In many cases, the increased gas flow produced by exposing even a few more feet of screen can pay for the pumping system in less than one year, providing continuing higher revenues for many years thereafter. To get an overall site perspective, enter the number of wells on your site for a quick estimate of the total additional revenue that you can generate.

For information on the design and cost of installing a liquid pumping system to enhance gas collection rates, contact the factory and field technical experts today or call 800-624-2026. They’ve worked with pump installations at hundreds of landfills worldwide and are ready to apply their experience to your project.

Note: The QED Landfill Gas Calculator is intended as a simple, first-pass tool to estimate how your landfill gas collection rates might be improved. The methane value entered into the calculator depends on many factors, such as how the gas will be treated and used and the role of carbon credits and renewable energy portfolio credits. Enhancing gas collection by installing pumps is also very effective at controlling odors and surface emissions, but these additional benefits are too site dependent to include in the calculator.