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AP4.5 Ultra & High Temp Ultra Trade Up


QED Ultra Pumps are bigger and hotter than ever!

Trade Up to a High-Performance Pump.

QED reinvented landfill pumping with the AP4 Ultra by greatly increasing the time between pump cleaning in even the most difficult wells.

Now, we’re excited to announce that we are expanding the Ultra family with the introduction of our new 4.5 Ultra and High Temp Ultra pumps. Our 4.5 inch Ultra features three times the internal clearance of our standard Ultra pump for high solids and precipitate and our High Temperature Ultra is capable of pumping in conditions up to 250˚ F, in addition to all of the features that made the Ultra pump so revolutionary. To help make the transition from traditional air-powered pumps to the AP4 Ultra easier, QED is offering a one-time trade-in value for your old pumps.

For a limited time, QED is offering a trade-in credit for any automatic air-powered pump you are currently using – it doesn't even have to be made by QED! You'll get up $900 to use toward the purchase of a new AutoPump® AP4.5 Ultra or the New High Temp Ultra. QED only asks that your old pump be shipped to QED at the Dexter, Michigan location. This offer is only available through October 10, 2017, so you need to act now!

How can you take advantage of this opportunity?

It’s easy! You can call one of our Applications Specialists at 1-800-418-9117 to get the details – find out how much your old pump is worth to trade up to the new Ultra or you can simply click the “Contact Me” button below and give us your contact information, and your local QED Field Sales Representative will contact you ASAP!




Q: Why did QED decide to make a 4.5” pump?

A: Like all of our new products and innovations, we listen to our customers and deliver products that solve their problems. Many of our customers have been experiencing problems with high solids at their sites. Our 4.5 Inch Ultra Pump is unlike any other pump available. The most important feature of the 4.5 Inch Ultra Pump is its increased clearance between the float and discharge tube (3 times the standard pump’s clearance), as well as increased clearance between the float and outer casing. This increased clearance allows for pumping of high solids and precipitate. This saves you money by extending up time between cleaning and maintenance.

Q: Does the Ultra 4.5 have a higher flow rate?

A: While 4.5 Inch Ultra Pump is larger than our previous pumps, the increased size does not increase the total flow rate per minute. However, it does increase the volume pumped per stroke. This means the 4.5 Inch Ultra Pump can achieve the same flow rates with fewer cycles, which in turn causes less wear to components inside the pump. Less wear means extended useful life of the pump, saving you money on maintenance and replacement.

Q: I like the features of the standard Ultra pump. Are those included on the 4.5 Inch and High Temp pumps?

A: Yes, all of the design elements that made our Ultra Pump such a success are still present on the new 4.5 Inch and High Temp pumps. Our proprietary non-stick finish on the float and our ultra-polished discharge tubes, help to slow the buildup that can cause pumps to stall or fail. All metal parts are made from 316 stainless steel which has superior corrosion resistance and can withstand attacks from harsh landfill leachate. In addition, the float ends are made from engineered plastics for easy cleaning. These plastics also cause less friction and wear on the discharge tube. Speaking of the float, we have increased the slot opening to allow for higher solids and less friction between the control rod and float. This combination of enhanced features result in our customers experiencing increased up time, which cuts maintenance costs, increases safety of service personnel, and boosts project productivity.

Q: What is the temp limit for the new High Temp Ultra?

A: Our new AutoPump® AP4 High Temperature Ultra pump has been proven to withstand temperatures up to 250 °F (121°C) in the field. 

Q: What about high temp tubing?

A: Glad that you asked! QED also has the industry’s largest selection of pump tubing and accessories rated for high temperature applications, ensuring consistent performance of the entire pump system.


Have additional questions? Give us a call at 1-800-418-9117