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New Molded Orifice Plates for LFG Wellheads – COMING SOON


QED will soon be introducing new color-indexed orifice plates for our 2" LFG Wellheads.

QED strives to continually improve the products we provide to our customers. These new molded orifice plates are color-coded to make it even easier to identify which size plate is in place at the wellhead. The plates are easier to carry in your pocket through the field due to their lighter weight, and are made with fiber-reinforced nylon for strength and durability. These innovations add to the list of benefits that orifice plates already offer over competing gas measurement technologies. Pitot tubes, for example, are very poor in hot, humid conditions, and tend to plug with liquids and mineralization. But with QED’s Quick-Change™ Orifice Plates (Patent Pending) it’s easy to twist open the collar, pull out the plate (which removes any condensation), and replace the plate.

Molded Orifice Plate Advantages:

  • Safety − no significant heat transfer
  • Less expensive
  • Better corrosion resistance, especially for H2S
  • Easier to differentiate the color-coded plates
  • Lighter weight

At this time, these new molded plates are only available for QED’s 2” Wellhead. We will continue to offer our field-proven stainless steel plates for all our other wellheads.

Learn more about QED's Quick-Change Orifice Plate Wellhead.