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Digital Controller How it Works

MP10 Display

Multi-mode digital control

The MP10 (U.S. Patent Number 6,508,310) gives you three easy-to-use operating modes, to cover every sampling protocol and situation.

MicroPurge (MP) Mode

Quickly optimizes control settings to reach the desired pump flow rate. You don't have to worry about calculating pump cycles or refill and discharge times.

ID Mode

Instantly recalls optimized settings previously established for each well, providing precise, consistent performance from event to event.

User Set (MN) Mode

Provides manual control of pump operation for extreme depths and other special cases.

up keyPressing the UP Arrow increases the bladder pump flow in controlled steps.

down arrowThe DOWN Arrow Key decreases the pump flow rate in controlled steps.

left/right keyThe LEFT/ RIGHT Arrow Key adjusts the Cycles Per Minute (CPM) of your pump.

Up/down arrowThe ID Number changes when an UP or DOWN Arrow is pressed. This number can be used in ID Mode to recall the setting for the next sampling round.

key circleThe CYCLE Key Starts and Stops pump cycling.

key modeThe MODE Key changes modes from default MP (MicroPurge) to ID Mode to MN (User Set) Mode. This key also allows battery check.

key pausePressing the PAUSE Key puts the controller in HOLD Mode, stopping flow. A second press starts the SAMPLE mode, which starts a continuous discharge cycle for controlled sample vial filling without interruption. A third press returns the system to normal cycling.

The MP10 Controller can be used with any any bladder pump system, with the use of simple adapter.