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Drawdown and Water Level Meter for Low-Flow Sampling | How it Works

Automatic protection against excessive purging

MP30 Drawdown Meter

The MP30 (U.S. Patent Number 6,456,201) Drawdown/Water Level Meter is unique. With its link to the MicroPurge pump controller for automatic drawdown control, you'll never have to worry about over-purging a monitoring well again.

By constantly keeping track of well level for you, the MP30 removes one of the variables that can make low-flow sampling a challenge. Even if distractions occur, you'll have the confidence of knowing that the well will not be pumped down to excessive drawdown levels that could compromise your sample integrity.

To use Automatic Drawdown Control, the MP30 is switched to MicroPurge Mode and connected to the MicroPurge MP10 or MP15 (U.S. Patent Number 6,508,310) bladder pump controller with the supplied link cable. When the probe is placed at the selected depth in the well, the submergence light stays on and there is no buzzer.

If drawdown of water level within the well falls to the probe level, the level shutoff light and buzzer are activated. The linked controller halts pump cycling until the well recovers and reaches the probe, then pumping resumes automatically.

Accurate ground water level measurement

In Standard Water Level Mode, the MP30 probe submergence light and buzzer are actuated when the probe contacts water. With its premium, stretch-resistant, polyethylene coated steel tape and permanent, recessed calibration markings, it is accurate to 1/100th ft.for consistent, repeatable level measurements.

The MP30 links to theMP10 or MP15 Controllers to provide continuous control of well level during low-flow purging and sampling. If the preset maximum drawdown level is reached, the MP30 signals the controller to put pumping on standby mode until the well level recovers.