Groundwater Sampling Overview


Dedicated Sampling Pumps

Well Wizard® Bladder Pumps are the state of the art in dedicated low-flow groundwater sampling.
Well Wizard Low-Flow Sampling Pump


portable sampling.jpg

Portable Sampling Pumps

The Sample Pro® portable MicroPurge® pump brings the advantages of low-flow sampling to the places you need it.
Sample Pro - Pneumatic
Power Pro ESP™ - Electric



Low-flow Pump Controls

Exclusive MicroPurge® control mode uses simple arrow keys to adjust low-flow rates easily and repeatably.
Low-Flow Pump Control



Water Level Meters

The MicroPurge® MP30 provides a unique and simpler way to assure drawdown control.
Water Level Meter



Purge Stabilization Flow Cells

QED PureScan™ Technology provides an easier and more accurate assurance of purge stabilization.
PureScan Flow Cells



Tubing, Wellcaps, and Accessories

MicroPurge® accessories provide everything you need to get the job done right.
MicroPurge Accessories



Disposable Sampling Filters

QuickFilter® cartridges provide ease of use and consistent, quality results.
QuickFilter Sampling Filters


Wireless Data Acquisition

Wireless Data Acquisition

Complete data delivery and reporting system that delivers dependable reporting of well level and pump flow data, clearly charted and displayed, and securely archived.