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In-line Groundwater Sampling Filter Specifications

Model No. Capacity Area: (cm2)Filter Material*Pore Size: µmMax. Pressure: psi (bar)
FF8100 Standard 30 PES 0.45 60 (4.1)
FF8101 Standard 30 PP 1.00 60 (4.1)
FF8200 High 609 PES 0.45 60 (4.1)
FF8201 High 609 PP 1.00 60 (4.1)
FF8205 High 609 PP 5.00 60 (4.1)

*Filter Material: PES=Polyethersulfone, PP=Polypropylene

QuickfilterGroundwater cartridge filters may look alike, but be careful to compare:

  • surface area
  • media type
  • the fine print of the purity verification program

QuickfilterOnly QED QuickFilter® cartridges deliver the full-rated filtration area that you pay for. If you look inside the capsule, you will find that QuickFilters cartridges contain a full 609 cm2 polyethersulphone media. Many of our competitors claim the same media surface area, but some contain only half that. The QuickFilter media provides maximum flow capacity and superior filtration even in highly turbid waters.

QuickFilter cartridges are the original, in-line groundwater filter and were developed to meet the stringent purity requirements of sensitive groundwater quality monitoring programs. A number of programs have traced false positives and other analytical errors to the use of “off-brand” filters.

Disposable QuickFilter cartridges are easier and faster to use, and provide more consistent results than other filtration methods. The capsules attach directly to sample tubing with no set up or decontamination required, this provides fast field filtration without exposing samples to air or on-site contamination.

QuickFilters cartridges are randomly batch-checked by an independent laboratory to ensure they are within metals concentration levels specified by the EPA.

QuickFilters cartridges lead the market in performance and value.


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