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Purge Stabilization Flow Cell How it Works

Automated Purge Stabilization Alert for Ease in Low-Flow Sampling

MP20 Flow Meter

The MicroPurge® MP20 (U.S. Patent Number 6,415,659) Flow Cell has ease of use and ruggedness built in, in the tradition of QED sampling equipment designed for practical field conditions. The lightweight, waterproof MP20 meter is highly regarded for its simplicity to calibrate. It displays all readings automatically. The sonde is a compact, low-profile design with rugged, easy-to-service probes. The flow cell is designed to collect and vent gas bubbles effectively, and to distribute purge flow evenly for quick measurement response and more accurate readings. And the entire system is housed in a rugged, waterproof case that doubles as a measurement and calibration workbench in the field.

The whole package is protected by an exclusive 3-year warranty, and backed by service and support from QED, the leader in low-flow sampling.

Exclusive Optimized Liquid Contact Flow Path

The MP20 flow cell is engineered to allow the sensing probes to make rapid, accurate responses to changes in purge water parameters. The flow cell is 100% transparent for ease of observation. The low-volume, fast-response cell couples to the sonde with a quick, bayonet attachment, and can be used in either a horizontal or vertical position.

The incoming flow is directed in a tangential path around the flow cell to provide fast, thorough mixing with no "dead spots" that could affect the accuracy of purge parameter measurements. Bubbles in the flow stream are vented out of the cell and away from the probe so they don't interfere with purge water analysis.

The multiparameter probe has a special sensor with built-in stirring for highly stable dissolved oxygen readings. All sensors are easy to calibrate and the unique pH reference electrode is fully field-serviceable, a huge advantage in keeping field work on track as well as reducing pH probe replacement costs.