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LNAPL Skimmers Overview


Genie® skimmers are safe, reliable and complete systems for removing floating LNAPL layers from wells. The SPG and SOS® AutoGenie™ Genie skimmers are air-operated selective LNAPL removal systems with a high suction pump and a floating inlet designed to follow the LNAPL layer as the ground water level fluctuates. The SPG version uses a specific gravity float and the SOS version uses a hydrophobic screen to exclude water. All Genie skimmer systems pump the LNAPL using a special bladder pump with high suction capability, positioned above the floating inlet section of the system. The use of a bladder pump eliminates air contact with the LNAPL fluids, minimizing emulsification and eliminating VOC emissions. The AutoGenie uses an integral pneumatic timer to control the pump fill and discharge times. A complete line of matched accessories is available to help with installation and performance, including in-well tubing, well caps, ON/OFF timers, LNAPL collection tank full shutoffs and other items.

ATEX Certified
ATEX Certified






AutoGenie™ Advantages

  • Specialized bladder pump is extremely durable, provides high suction to maintain flow and eliminate contact of drive air with pumped fluid.
  • Choice of two types of selective floating inlets.
  • Continuous Automatic cycling.
  • Available in several different lengths and diameters to accommodate specific well conditions.
  • Low air consumption.