Air-powered Remediation Pumps Overview


Low Maintenance AutoPump® Ultra 4.0

The new Ultra 4.0 low maintenance pump that reduces maintenance frequency.

AutoPump® Ultra 4.0


The Next Generation AutoPump: AP4+

The Industry Standard AutoPump AP4+

The workhorse of the industry for over 30 years.
▼ AutoPump® AP4+
▼ High Viscosity



Automatic Double Diaphragm Pumping System

Quickly deployed, self-contained pumping systems are safe, rugged, and simple to use.
Automatic Double Diaphragm Pumping System


AutoPump® Automatic Air-Powered Pumps

Automatic Air-Powered Pumps

QED’s AutoPump originated the automatic air-powered pump concept.


ironhorse remediation pump

Extended Duty Piston Pump

QED's Piston Pumps are built for durability based on 20 years of engineering experience in remediation pumping.
Iron Horse™ Piston Pump


Pulse Pump

Basic Gas Displacement Pump

For DNAPL and tough cleanup conditions.
Pulse Pump


AutoPump® Automatic Air-Powered Pumps

AutoPump Accessories

Innovative accessories make AutoPumps even more useful and productive.
▼ AutoPump Accessories


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