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Extended-duty Piston Pump for Landfill Pumping | Overview

IronHorse Piston Pump

Iron Horse™ Extended-Duty Piston Pumps are built for durability based on QED’s 30 years of engineering experience in landfill pumping. Iron Horse pumps are designed to provide dependable pumping in applications that benefit from the special capabilities of piston pumps, such as sites requiring no drive air with the pumped fluids, deeper wells, and drawdown to extremely low levels.

Iron Horse pumps are air-powered and use a reciprocating air cylinder at the wellhead to drive a piston down in the well, connected by a flexible fiberglass rod. Each piston stroke lifts a known amount of liquid and provides positive suction at the inlet. Unlike older piston pump designs used in landfills and remediation sites, Iron Horse pumps are designed from the start for durability and serviceability to greatly reduce maintenance frequency and costs. In comparative testing, Iron Horse has demonstrated critical component life many times that of older piston pump designs. Iron Horse's simplicity and strength advantages are visible even from first appearances. QED’s extensive engineering experience and resources have delivered the first piston pump good enough to carry our name.

What makes Iron Horse piston pumps more durable?

Iron Horse pump’s durability advantage is based on better engineering solutions to the challenges of landfill and remediation pumping. Examples of important Iron Horse pump durability features include:

  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel construction used for key components subject to wear, such as the piston and check valves.
  • Rugged, oil well type, all-stainless steel piston.
  • Ultra-hard metal surfaces and special seal materials for longer service, as used in concrete pumps and industrial slurry equipment.
  • Serviceable driver air cylinder components to avoid having to replace the entire unit when it wears out.
  • Serviceable stainless steel check valves downwell, instead of throwaway plastic type.
  • Simpler, more reliable built-in air cylinder controls, similar to those used on jackhammers, rather than weather-exposed valves and tubing circuits.




Iron Horse™ Advantages

  • Extended duty between service compared to other piston pump designs
  • Simple driver with reliable, built-in reciprocation mechanism
  • Seal-less, stainless steel pump piston
  • Serviceable check valves and drive cylinder
  • Extreme low draw-down capability
  • Isolates driver air from pumped liquid