QED Environmental Systems is the leading manufacturer of innovative environmental products.
For over 30 years their expertise has included Pumping Systems, Landfill Products, and Air Strippers.

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Landfill Pumps Overview


Low Maintenance AutoPump® AP4 Ultra

The new AP4 Ultra low maintenance pump that reduces maintenance frequency.

The Next Generation AutoPump: AP4+

The Industry Standard AutoPump: AP4+

Easier to disassemble and clean, upgraded materials and full 5-year warranty.

Torpedo Pumps

Electric Pumps & Control Panels

More durable than common electric pumps or other environmental pump designs.


Automatic Double Diaphragm Pumping System

Quickly deployed, self-contained pumping systems are safe, rugged, and simple to use.

AutoPump® Automatic Air-Powered Pumps

Specialty AutoPump Models

QED has a full line of AutoPump Special Models to fit every application.



QED provides equipment for trouble-free installation, operation and maintenance.

Automatic Air-Powered Pumps

Automatic Air-Powered Pumps

QED’s AutoPump® originated the automatic air-powered pump concept.

Iron Horse Piston Pump

Extended Duty Piston Pump

QED's Piston Pumps are built for durability based on 20 years of engineering experience in landfill pumping.

Slider Pump

Pumps for Slanted Wells

Operates in wells or risers at any angle.

Pulse Pump

Basic Gas Displacement Pump

For DNAPL and tough cleanup conditions.

Pump Pull E

Pump Pull ETM Pump Extractor

Pump Pull E Pull pumps faster from landfill and remediation wells

Landfill Poster

Landfill Anatomy Poster

Produce energy and minimize environmental impact. Maximize gas production by managing liquid levels.