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Part 2 of Two-part Webinar Series: Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Air-Powered Pumping Systems

In Part 2, David will discuss the principles of air-powered pump operation and common operational issues, tips on pump installation and removal, and cleaning frequency and service life expectations.

Thursday, February 12, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. EST
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Groundwater Sampling

Low-Flow Groundwater Sampling - Latest Research and Equipment Options 1-22-15
Trends in Groundwater Sampling: A Comparison of Groundwater Sampling Methods 11-25-14
▼ The Power Pro ESP™ Electric Low-flow Sampling Pump 4-22-14
Low-Flow Groundwater Sampling: Proper Application and Use 1-16-14


▼ Part 1: Designing Air-Powered Pumping Systems for Remediation and Landfills 1-29-15
Choosing the Right Air-Powered Pump for Your Landfill Application 12-18-14
Managing Landfill Liquids to Maximize Landfill Gas Collection 7-17-14
Part 2: Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Air-Powered Pumping Systems Presentation 6-5-14

Landfill Products

Innovations in Landfill Gas Well Flow Measurement and Control 11-6-14
Maximize Wellfield Efficiency with LFG Wellhead 4-30-14
Take Control of Your Landfill Gas Wellfield 3-11-14

Operation of QED's LFG Orifice Plate Wellhead 10-1-13

Air Strippers

Part 2: Air Stripping Advanced Topics Webinar Presentation 8-7-14
▼ Part 1: Introduction to Air Strippers for VOC Removal 7-24-14

▼ 5 Benefits - Process Improvements of Pre-treating with Air Strippers 4-17-14

VOCs and Beyond: The Versatility of E-Z Tray Air Stripper for Drinking Water Treatment 7-03-13

Versatile VOC Removal for Demanding Applications 5-30-13

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About the Presenters:

Dave Kaminski, Senior Vice PresidentDavid Kaminski is Senior Vice President of QED Environmental Systems and is a frequent presenter on pumping technology to industry organizations, universities, and regulatory agencies worldwide.

Brad Peake, New Products ManagerBrad Peake is the New Products Manager at QED Environmental Systems. He has more than 25 years of experience as a Product Manager and Application Specialist, and heads QED's development efforts in the area of landfill gas measurement and flow control.

Dave Fischer, Vice President of TechnologyDave Fischer is Vice President of Technology at QED Environmental Systems and has led QED’s process group for over 15 years. He has given many presentations on groundwater remediation and sampling in both academic and sales settings.