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Electric Powered Chemical Metering Pumps


Low pressure chemical metering pumps for anti-scaling/anti-foaming

Metering Pump Low Flow Model

Low-Flow Models 17, 30, 45 GPD

Metering Pump High Flow Model

High-Flow 150 GPD Model

Our chemical metering pumps are suitable for dispensing chemicals for a variety of anti-scaling and anti-foaming applications. These pumps provide precise and adjustable delivery of anti-scale/anti-foam agents. Graco chemical metering/injection pumps deliver flow rates from 17 to 150 gallons per day and operate in -40° F to 175°F (-40°C to 79°C) temperatures.

Typical pump feed point is in the E-Z Tray inlet piping, ahead of the stripper. Turbulent tray action quickly ensures complete mixing on the top tray.


Flow (gpd)
Pump Plunger Diaphragm Seal/
Power Power
EZ-F10W-A17 17 PVDF N/A PTFE coated FKM 110VAC <0.5A NEMA4X/UL/CSA
 EZ-F10W-A30 30 PVDF N/A PTFE coated FKM 110VAC <0.5A NEMA4X/UL/CSA
EZ-F10W-A45 45 PVDF N/A  PTFE coated FKM 110VAC <0.5A NEMA4X/UL/CSA
 EZ-F10W-A150 150 Chromex Chromex N/A FKM 230VAC <2A C1D2/UL/CSA


Check Valves 

  • Proprietary design
  • Poppet style eliminates valve from sticking

Overload protection

  • Self-resetting thermal overload prevents over heating
  • Over current protection
  • Easily replaceable fuse for overcurrent

Prime/air bleed port

  • No need to remove fluid section to prime pump
  • Quick and easy priming

Other features

  • Manual stroke adjustment
  • Splash cover over controls
  • NEMA 4x style enclosure
  • UL and CSA certified