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Accu-Flo Wellhead - Overview




Accu Flo Wellhead


Optimize LFG Control, Accuracy and Dependability with QED Accu-Flo Wellheads

QED Accu-Flo wellheads can help prevent landfill gas migration, emissions and subsurface fires. Landfill owners and operators will appreciate the Accu-Flo design that meets the special equirements of landfill gas recovery for environmental compliance and energy production.

Easy installation and maintenance of the Accu-Flo wellheads help to maximize gas recovery while minimizing surface emissions and subsurface migration. The pitot tube wellhead design is available with a standard gate valve or with our Exact-Flo control valve.

The Exact-Flo valve represents a new generation of flow control devices. The conical tip design provides more linear flow adjustment positions than conventional valves, giving you increased control.

The Accu-Flo wellhead features quick-connect measurement ports designed to work most efficiently with our GEM gas analyzers.



pdfAccu-Flo Wellhead Datasheet459.9 KB


Accu-Flo Built-in Gas Flow Measurement Device

Built-in Gas Flow Measurement Device

And gas temperature and quick-connect gas sample ports

Accu-Flo Proprietary Tip

Proprietary Tip

The conical tip design provides more adjustment positions for greater control

Accu-Flo Choice of Flow Control

Choice of Flow Control

Gate valve or Exact-Flo control valves to optimize LFG control, accuracy and dependability