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100% Leak-tested LFG Wellheads


QED understands it is very important that landfill gas systems limit the leakage of air into the collected gas flow. To ensure that QED’s LFG wellheads do their part in controlling leaks, we have leak tested 100% of our gas wellheads since early in the products’ introduction

To achieve accurate and precise testing in an efficient manner, we developed an automated testing station with very sensitive instrumentation. The benefit to LFG collection system operators is knowing that QED wellheads are going to be leak-tight every time.

Our wellheads also include other leak reduction features. Easy Port™ Fittings, used for vacuum and gas quality measurements, have leak-tight, threaded caps for consistent sealing of the barbed connectors. And, the Solarguard™ Flex Hose and clamping system allows for a more secure and long lasting hose connection.

These new features plus QED’s rigorous leak tests ensure that methane gas is not leaking out to the environment, endangering technicians and causing compliance issues. This also means air is not leaking into the system, degrading the quality of the gas produced.

Check out all of the Quick-Change™ Orifice Plate Wellhead* advantages. And, learn more about Controlling Landfill Gas Odors with QED’s Educational Poster Series.



* Quick-Change™ Orifice Plate Wellhead (U.S. Patent Number 8,800,597 and Patents Pending)