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7 Factors in Selecting a Landfill/Remediation Pump

7 Factors for Selecting a Landfill/Remediation Pump



There are seven important factors to consider when buying a landfill/remediation pump. QED has you covered when it comes to the best pumps and accessories with expert support and resources.

The seven factors to consider when choosing a landfill/remediation pump are:

1. Quality Parts, Materials, and Inventory – QED provides the broadest selection of proven pump system components and accessories with a strong inventory and prompt shipment. Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. using American Standards.

2. Experienced Staff – An experienced team of 85 dedicated QED employees with 400 years of combined experience all committed to pump excellence.

3. Call Centers – QED provides one of the best after-sale service supports in the industry, and QED’s OSHA-trained, expert pump field service team members are located on both coasts.

4. Local Reps – Technical support with individualized assistance is available directly from QED’s local representatives who are located across the entire country.

5. Warranty – QED’s AutoPump® AP4+ (Patent Pending) has a new, improved, straight 5-year warranty with no pro-rating.

6. Webinars – QED’s web-based seminars are in-depth presentations covering many different topics.

7. Online Technical Resources – Unmatched, comprehensive technical resources, including engineering specifications and drawings, and a suite of online tools.

Visit www.qedenv.com/7factors to view the interactive AP4+ guide and learn why the AutoPump® has been the gold standard for landfill and remediation pumping for over 20 years.