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Dewatering a Well by 8 feet Will Pay for a Pump in One Year

Landfill gas (LFG) wells frequently accumulate leachate and condensate that can greatly reduce the gas collected. Dewatering systems can reduce these liquid levels, increasing gas flow and improving system efficiency.


  Based on a methane value of $3 mm/Btu, and a methane content of 50%.



Dewatering results can vary based on liquid level, clogging by solids and bio fouling, type and age of the waste, and other factors. But, there are many benefits to installing and maintaining an LFG collection and dewatering system, such as controlling odors, and minimizing leakage and side slope seeps, which can lead to blow-outs while reducing gas flow rates from the wells. Dewatering systems also help maintain steady operation of power generation systems. More reliable operation allows production of high quality gas that can be sold as fuel, or used to generate electricity, which can be sold to a utility or end-user increasing the landfill’s profits. And, a dewatering system helps landfills remain in compliance with federal, state, and local regulators.

Use QED's online Landfill Gas Well Dewatering Calculator to see how much additional methane can be collected at your specific site, and the value of that increase in methane production.