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Fine Tune™ Control Valve Makes Linear Gas Flow Control Easy, Even Under 10 SCFM





The Fine Tune™ Control Valve from QED is the only landfill gas flow valve that allows easy and precise adjustment of flow under 10 scfm.

Unlike traditional globe valves, the Fine Tune Control Valve incorporates special, patented notches in the valve that allows gas flow to pass through during the critical first two turns (see graph). This provides precise, linear adjustment of your wells. And, the Control Valve’s highly visible metered scale allows you to easily see and record the exact valve setting.

The Control Valve body has been upgraded with glass fiber reinforced polypropylene that adds durability, and provides UV resistance and higher temperature tolerance, giving the valve a longer life with less maintenance. The upgraded valve is also lighter in weight and has 40% more tensile strength than traditional PVC valves. The outer housing is a now a single piece molded in QED's distinctive yellow* color.

QED’s dedication to bringing innovative environmental products to market for over 30 years has led to several U.S. patents. Their latest patent was recently issued for the all new Precision Fine Tune™ Control Valve: U.S. Patent Number 8,800,597.

FTCVpatentimage"The challenge to getting linear flow over the full range of travel was the initial valve opening. Many geometries were tried and tested but the mechanical slots seen in the patent were the breakthrough that resulted in the linear control at the critical low-flow range needed by the landfill gas market,” says Dave Fischer, QED Vice President of Technology.

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* The color yellow is a (registered) trademark of Graco Inc.