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New Low-maintenance Pump Lasts up to 10 Times Longer Between Service Events and Requires 50% Less Time to Clean


QED’s new AutoPump® (Patent Pending) AP4 Ultra has already been tested in the most severe applications, and it ran longer and was easier to clean than a standard pump.

The Ultra 4.0 uses a proprietary non-stick finish on the float and discharge tube, helping to slow the buildup that can cause pumps to stall. All metallic parts are 316-grade Stainless Steel, which has better corrosion resistance and can withstand attacks of the harshest leachate. And this new pump uses improved valve seat connections - no fasteners or cotter pins are required. All of these upgrades make the Ultra faster to take apart and much easier to clean. Some Ultra models have a temperature rating up to 250 °F, making them ideal for your high temperature applications.

The Ultra 4.0 builds upon the already established AutoPump system, which has been the industry leader for over 30 years. Every AutoPump includes QED’s unmatched customer service with 1,000 years of combined experience, 24/7 live support, and tech centers on both the East and West Coasts.

Learn more about QED's newest AutoPump at www.qedenv.com/ultra.

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