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QED’s Precision Fine Tune™ Control Valve 4 Times Stronger than PVC Gate Valves

Engineers at QED recently conducted a torque break test comparison between a PVC gate valve and QED’s Precision Fine Tune™ Control Valve (U.S. Patent Number 8,800,597).

THREAD-TO-CLOSE TEST: A torque wrench was used at 140° F to tighten a standard PVC gate valve until it was closed. Even though the valve was closed, tightening continued with less than 5 ft. lbs. on the torque wrench. After three complete revolutions, the test was stopped and the gate valve was disassembled. The PVC shaft threads had stripped the threads in the plastic gate, destroying the valve. Had this occurred in the field, the operator would have been unaware of the damage.

The same test was conducted using the Fine Tune Control Valve, tightening it until closed. Torque continued to be applied to the Control Valve handle and shaft. The handle and shaft did not turn. The test was stopped when the wrench dial reached 50 ft. lbs. Conclusion: the QED Control Valve was 10 times stronger.

THREAD-TO-OPEN TEST: Similar tests were conducted operating the valves in the opposite direction (fully open). Conclusion: QED’s Fine Tune Control Valve withstood 4 times the torque compared to the PVC gate valve.

QED has recently improved the Fine Tune Control Valve with a new material. The new Control Valve’s active components are made of a glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, which gives the Valve more strength, and also provides UV-resistance and higher temperature tolerance. This means the Valve is not prone to drying out and cracking, giving it a longer life with less maintenance. And, the Control Valve is molded in QED’s distinctive yellow color for increased visibility in the field.

Learn more about this and all the other advantages you get with QED's Fine Tune Control Valve.

Torque Break Test Comparing PVC Gate Valve and QED Fine Tune Control Valve

ValveTemperature Threading Torque
PVC Valve 140° F Close 5 ft. lbs.
PVC Valve 140° F Open 5 ft. lbs.
QED Control Valve 140° F Close 50 ft. lbs.
QED Control Valve 140° F Open 20 ft. lbs.