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THM & DBP Removal from Groundwater


E-Z Tray bubbles

Air bubble action is easily visible through clear glass front.

See the Santa Cruz Case Study

Air stripping is an effective tool for removal of DBP (disinfection byproducts) and THM (trihalomethanes) from potable water supplies, as demonstrated by many existing installations, studies and reports. The EZ Tray air strippers from QED Environmental Systems provide a unique set of advantages for DBP and THM removal. EZ Tray air stripper advantages for potable water treatment are demonstrated by the success reported by the City of Santa Cruz, California.

Some examples of EZ Tray advantages for disinfection byproduct and trihalomethane removal include:

  1. The EZ Tray stripper is easy to monitor and maintain, because of the transparent front panels, all stainless steel construction, and slide out trays for cleaning if needed.

  2. Very high efficiency removal levels are available when needed– up to 99.99%

  3. The online EZ Tray performance modeler provides accurate DBP and THM removal efficiency estimates for site specific process conditions, initially to aid equipment selection and later to evaluate the effects of alternative process conditions.

  4. The EZ Tray is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for drinking water applications.

  5. The EZ Tray’s high removal efficiency in a compact, self-contained unit, its low height and small footprint combine to provide lots of flexibility to fit into existing facilities. One example is using an EZ Tray out in the water distribution system at points where long transport times can lead to reformation of disinfection byproducts and trihalomethanes.

  6. The EZ Tray air stripper’s design strength is its ability to handle solids and fouling conditions, so it can be located where most beneficial in the water treatment process string.

EZ Tray air strippers are also very versatile, in that they are widely used around the U.S. for VOC contaminant removal, as shown in the list below. These cities have enjoyed the EZ Tray advantages listed above in meeting their water quality goals. Many of these sites especially valued the low profile of the EZ Tray design compared to traditional air stripping towers. The 8.5-10 ft. height of the EZ Tray has allowed placement within existing buildings. This low height makes inspection and maintenance much safer and easier because it avoids the structures and risks associated with employees having to scale 20-30 ft. tall traditional tower strippers, especially under adverse weather conditions.

Call QED today for assistance and more information on how EZ Tray air strippers could help solve your needs on DBP and THM removal.


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