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Low-flow Portable Pump for Groundwater Sampling | How it Works

The Sample Pro Portable MicroPurge Pump uses a quick-change, one-piece bladder design. Compressed gas squeezes the outside of the bladder to force liquid out of the pump; there is no gas contact with the pumped water inside the bladder.

Squeeze type bladder pumps are supported by years of independent research that shows they provide unaltered samples for even the most sensitive parameters.

Groundwater enters the pump through the inlet in the upper, head section, then flows down into the bladder. The high inlet helps keep the pump from clogging if it is accidentally lowered into a sediment-filled sump.

Check valves with stainless steel seats and check balls are located at the inlet and outlet. Inlet screens are replaceable to help ensure proper sealing of the check valves in wells with high solids levels. The Sample Pro Pump is shipped in a heavy-duty tube with rubber end caps to help keep the pump clean and protected between uses.

Sample Pro The pump is disassembled by a 1/4 turn of the cap and body; no special tools are needed. The bladder pulls off for replacement. Both check valves are press-in, pull-out design, and use Teflon for the fluid inlet and stainless steel in the fluid discharge.

Push-in tube fitting kits provide high pullout strength, but a cable eye is also included for applications where a support cable is desired.

With the MP15 Control & Power Pack and the Sampling Consultant's Kit , one person can carry everything needed to sample a multi-well site.