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Portable Groundwater Sampling Overview


Choosing between Sample Pro and Power Pro

Sample Prowhen sample accuracy is the top priority

  • Highest sample accuracy and precision, especially for sensitive VOCs and dissolved metals
  • High reliability, long service life with no wear components
  • Easy to service in the field – easy disassembly without tools
  • Not affected by silt and sand or run-dry operation, no heating
  • Disposable bladders, grab plates and O-rings add to cost-per-sample
  • Requires an air source (compressor or gas cylinder) and separate air logic controller
  • Sample Pro pumps are totally PFC free

Power Pro ESPease of portability and simple operation

  • Easy to operate, simple “volume knob” flow rate adjustment
  • The Power Pro ESP lets the user know when the pump is in the water
  • Steady discharge stream simplifies sample collection
  • Powered by lightweight portable battery packs or vehicle battery
  • Sample quality is acceptable for most applications
  • No expendable parts to change between wells
  • Requires replacement of wear parts over time (impeller, motor module)
Sample Pro Pneumatic Pump

Sample Pro Pneumatic Pump

The Sample Pro® portable MicroPurge® pump brings the advantages of low-flow sampling to the places you need it.


PowePro Bucket 150 x 75

Power Pro ESP™ Electric Pump

Power Pro ESP™ low-flow electric sampling pump has an all-in-one design with userfriendly controls built into the reel.