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AutoTracker - Problem with Convential Fixed Drop Pipe Systems

AutoTracker Floating Extraction Inlets

The operation of a conventional fixed drop pipe DPE system depends on precise positioning of the inlet at or just below the water table. It is this positioning which allows the system to recover both vapor and liquid, entraining them into a high-velocity stream that lifts the water from greater depths than possible by suction effects alone.

When inlet position and blower vacuum are properly adjusted, this type of system is very effective. However, even small changes in well liquid level can shut the operation down, causing major disruption in recovery and treatment schedules.

AutoTracker Eliminates These Problems

Auto Tracker Floating Extraction Inlets

AutoTracker™ positions inlets for optimal performance at any well level.

With its telescoping drop tube, the patented AutoTracker™ (U.S. Patent Number 6,520,259) Floating Extraction Inlet automatically follows the water level, positioning air and water inlets properly at all times and preventing liquid choking, deadhead and dry recovery conditions.

In addition to minimizing operational downtime and maintenance requirements, AutoTracker systems are much faster and easier to install and start. There's no need for tedious, time-consuming adjustment of inlet positioning – the float positions itself, automatically and instantly. The only adjustment required is setting the vacuum level on the blower to deliver the desired liquid and vapor flow rates