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Floating Dual-phase Extraction Inlet Overview


How to Supercharge Your Dual-Phase Extraction Project

The patented AutoTracker™ (U.S. Patent Number 6,520,259) Floating Extraction Inlet optimizes dual-phase extraction and bio-slurping system performance by assuring proper air-to-water ratios even as water levels change.

Groundwater fluctuations can cause severe disruptions for dual-phase extraction and bio-slurping systems using a fixed entrainment drop pipe.

When the water table falls below the elevation of a fixed extraction inlet, groundwater recovery ceases and treatment efficiency decreases. When the water level rises above the end of a fixed inlet, vapor recovery becomes impossible. AutoTracker Floating Extraction Inlets eliminate these common causes of system shutdowns and missed recovery goals.

The Problem with Conventional Fixed Drop Pipe Systems

  • Conventional fixed drop pipe DPE system depends on precise positioning
  • Small changes in well liquid level can shut the operation down
  • AutoTracker eliminates these problems





Case Study

  • AutoTracker™ Floating Extraction Inlets were added to a DPE system at a remediation site in Michigan
  • Site Background Data
  • History Prior to AutoTracker Installation
  • AutoTracker Performance

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