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Programmable LNAPL Skimmers Overview

Programmable Genie Pump

Genie® skimmers are safe, reliable and complete systems for removing floating LNAPL layers from wells. The SPG and SOS® Programmable Genie skimmers are air-operated selective LNAPL removal systems with a high suction pump and a floating inlet designed to follow the LNAPL layer as the ground water level fluctuates. The SPG version uses a specific gravity float and the SOS version uses a hydrophobic screen to exclude water. All Genie skimmer systems pump the LNAPL using a special bladder pump with high suction capability, positioned above the floating inlet section of the system. The use of a bladder pump eliminates air contact with the LNAPL fluids, minimizing emulsification and eliminating VOC emissions. The Programmable Genie uses an electronic controller mounted outside the well to allow adjustment of pump cycles and off times. A complete line of matched accessories is available to help with installation and performance, including in-well tubing, well caps, ON/OFF timers, LNAPL collection tank full shutoffs and other items.

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Programmable Genie® Advantages

  • Specialized bladder pump is extremely durable, provides high suction to maintain flow and eliminate contact of drive air with pumped fluid.
  • Choice of two types of selective floating inlets.
  • Programmable cycling.
  • Available in several different lengths and diameters to accommodate specific well conditions.
  • Low air consumption.