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AP4+ for Landfill Pumping | Overview



Top and Bottom Filling AP4+ pumps

The Industry Standard AutoPump® (U.S. Patent Number 5,004,405) AP4+

Easier to Disassemble and Clean

The AP4+ was made easier to clean by using 3 bolts to attach the pump inlet and open up the pump. This is easier than having to rotate the inlet multiple turns to unthread it from the center tube inside the pump, especially under field conditions of silt, deposits and coatings. Removing the inlet is also  aided by the new, precision ID pump casing, ensuring a more controlled fit. The new pump casing’s smoother internal surface has the added benefit of reducing the rate of buildup of solids and coatings inside in some cases. The Easy Fittings make it a snap to remove the tubing from the pump without cutting, and the float is now easily removed by pulling a clip.

Upgraded Materials

The new AP4+ features upgraded materials for many parts to further extend the service life of the pump and to broaden the range of conditions each model can be used in. All nonmetallic internal parts are now made of PVDF*; this is  a high-grade engineering plastic with higher strength at elevated temperatures and extremely broad chemical resistance, including to acidic and oxidizing cleaning agents sometimes used for pump maintenance. All stainless steel parts have been upgraded to 316-grade for improved corrosion resistance.

Expanded 5-year Warranty

The new and improved warranty, a straight 5-year warranty with no pro-rating, is proof of the AP4+'s successful history and continued improvements.

Of course, the new AP4+ is compatible with the AutoPump® Family of Accessories, including:

  • Sheathed nylon pump tubing sets for maximum chemical resistance, reduced weight, less tangling and easier handling, another innovation lead by QED.
  • QED’s Easy Fitting™ Quick-release Connectors for affordable, quick connection and removal of the pump from its tubing set, built to function easily even under high solids well conditions. These are now available pre-installed to pump and tubing so pump system installation just snaps together!
  • QED’s Easy Bolts for rapid access to flanged wellheads.
  • The industry’s widest range of wellhead completions to match your site so that pump installation goes smoothly. Custom options are available to fit your specific wellhead requirements.

* Except for the standard top-filling wye, which is made of acetal.

What makes the AP4+ even better?

  • Easier to disassemble and clean
  • Upgraded materials
  • Expanded 5-year warranty

See the AP4+ disassembled in two minutes

See the AP4+ disassembled in two minutes