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Easy Level - Overview

Easy Level

The new Easy Level™ Liquid Level Indicator makes it easy to see if the liquid level has exceeded the maximum level desired.

Easy Level High/Low Liquid Indicator

The Easy Level™ (U.S. Patent Number 8,756,991) liquid level indicator is faster and easier than traditional liquid level measurement with portable tapes. If the liquid level rises above the chosen set point, the bright orange indicator will appear in the Easy Level’s clear dome top. If there is a pump in the well, the high level indication signifies excess liquid inflow rates or that the pump may need service. For wells without pumps, a high level may indicate that a pump is needed to maintain the leachate levels below regulatory limits or improve gas collection efficiency.

Using portable liquid level tapes in landfill gas collection wells requires the wellhead to be opened, which allows air into the well and interrupts gas collection. Also, field crews using reel type meters are exposed to any gases that may be released, and to liquids that can coat the tape and probe. Unlike portable tapes that can be triggered by foam, the Easy Level will only indicate a high level when the liquid in the well has exceeded the predetermined level. The Easy Level can also be used with a hand-held analog gauge or digital display to allow easy measurement of the actual liquid level without opening a well or riser.

Ideal for tanks, pits, sumps, manholes and confined spaces for which level monitoring is difficult or hazardous.

easy level

Many tanks, sumps and pits are difficult or hazardous to access and monitor for liquid level. The new Easy Level system provides a clear visual warning if the liquid level rises above a selected trigger point or falls below it. The Easy Level indicator requires no battery or electric power supply, so it is safe and easy to install. All that is required is running a 1/4” tube from the probe to the indicator.

Easy Level - consists of 3 parts

The Easy Level consists of three parts:

  1. Indicator
    The Indicator, located at the wellhead, shows orange when the liquid level has risen above the predetermined level. An internal bellows prevents any gas/condensate contact with the inner working of the indicator assembly. External reference and bubbler ports can be used with a level measurement system to read the liquid level above the probe.
  2. Downwell Liquid Probe
    The Easy Level uses air displacement within the liquid probe and tubing to operate the orange indicator.
  3. Connecting Tubing
    You can order the Connecting Tubing cut to desired lengths for your application or in bulk supply reels. The blue nylon tubing is marked in 1-foot increments to make easy field adjustments of the depth of the Liquid Probe in the well.


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Easy Level Advantages

  • Works without opening the wellhead or cap – no air gets in, no gases get out and no vacuum interruption
  • No batteries, electric power supply or compressed air source required
  • No false indication due to foam in the well or riser
  • Internal reference port compensates for pressure or vacuum conditions over liquid
  • Connect the optional portable liquid level measurement meter to display actual height of liquid over liquid probe
  • Easy installation
  • Indicator can be located up to 200 ft. from liquid probe