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Davis Street Landfill Reduces O&M with Sliding Tray Air Stripper

E-Z Tray Air Stripper in Davis Street LandfillWaste Management of Alameda County’s former Davis Street Landfill in San Leandro, California is the flagship of Waste Management’s Northern California operations. Beginning as a landfill in 1942, a portion of the site became an MSW transfer station in 1979 as the landfill closed. In 1990, a recycling facility was added to the transfer station site, serving 20 different Bay Area cities in achieving the required 75% diversion of MSW from landfills.

The closed 196-acre landfill site has a leachate collection system that maintains an inward gradient and produces about 60 GPM of leachate that goes to a treatment system prior to disposal. The system was originally designed using a stacking tray air stripper to remove methane from the leachate.  Suspended solids and biofilm that is deposited on the air stripper trays is routinely cleaned from the unit to maintain efficient operation. Unfortunately, the stacking tray stripper design proved to be a maintenance challenge.


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QED E-Z Tray® Air Strippers are the Preferred Treatment Choice in the U.S. and Abroad

E-Z Tray HousingIn landfill leachate treatment applications the exclusive design of QED’s E-Z Tray® (U.S. Patent Number 5,518,668) Air Strippers results in up to 99% removal efficiency in numerous applications. Its many available configurations mean it is adaptable to various environments.

E-Z Tray Advantages for Landfill Leachate Treatment:

  • One-person cleaning
  • One-piece door seal means no leaks
  • Better performance under fouling conditions

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E-Z Tray Air Strippers Quickly Becoming the Treatment Option of Choice in Drinking Water Applications

E-Z Tray in large-scale facilityWith its many advantages over packed towers the E-Z Tray is the new choice for both small- and large-scale drinking water cleanup projects around the U.S.


E-Z Tray Advantages for Drinking Water Treatment:

  • Low profile design reduces siting issues associated with tower strippers
  • High efficiency VOC removal up to 99%
  • Exclusive Online Performance Modeler