Air Stripping and VOC Removal - Moving air through contaminated groundwater or surface water in an above-ground treatment system. Air stripping removes chemicals called "volatile organic compounds" or "VOCs." VOCs are chemicals that easily evaporate, which means they can change from a liquid to a vapor (a gas).

Why Choose Air Stripping?

The process is simple to operate and the overall cost to treat a volume of water is often the lowest for VOC and dissolved gas removal. The main process unit has no moving parts to wear out, so service life is long.

What Benefits Will I Get?

The main benefit is the low cost. The process is not complex, so a skilled operator is not needed. The air stripper normally runs unattended, needing only periodic cleaning of internal tray surfaces. There is no need to replenish or dispose of any materials, such as with granular activated carbon.

How Do I Do It?

Efficient air stripper devices designed to operate with metered flowing air contacting gravity fed water. Contact QED or use our on-line process model to see how an E-Z Tray or E-Z Stacker air stripper can treat your groundwater contaminants.