The landfill gas industry know getting their methane emissions under control is key to their license to operate in an increasingly climate conscious world. The integration of new digital tools and systems in oil and gas industry operations offers an unparalleled opportunity for companies to understand - and even prevent - methane leaks.

Why do I need to manage surface emissions?

To ensure that all industry safety standards for gaseous exchange are met. This ties in with current government and World Health Organization guidance to promote greener solutions for landfill.

What benefits will I get?

More accurate monitoring system, which ensures that there is no cross-gas interference, which can sometimes provide inaccurate readings from other gases, rather than specifically focusing on greenhouse gases. The product has more premium price but is more economic on cost versus a full life-cycle, as it requires significantly less servicing than traditional flame ionization detectors (FIDs).

How do I do it?

SEM5000 is selective, specifically to methane and is able to detect emissions from 0.5ppm to 100% concentration. The unit is lightweight and ergonomically designed for hands-free operation. It has a global positioning system (GPS) and Bluetooth built in, which makes mapping and duplication of selected areas more efficient.