Solarguard Flex Hose

UV-resistant flex hose lasts twice as long as conventional PVC hose Solarguard™ Flex Hose from QED is made with UV-resistant flexible PVC with a rigid PVC helix. This unique formula extends the useful life of Solarguard hose over typical clear PVC landfill gas flex hose. Tests have shown that Solarguard hose maintains tensile strength and lasts twice as long as standard PVC hose.
Product Description
Product Description
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With Solarguard hose, you’ll save on both the cost of replacement hose and the labor costs of fixing air leaks from cracked hose. QED’s Banding Kits save you even more, with a lower purchase price, longer service life, and easier installation and removal than helical hose clamps, which can be expensive, difficult to use, and tend to corrode easily. The banding coils are uniquely designed to fit Solarguard hose, and use high strength, all stainless steel clamps, which are user friendly, durable, and far less expensive.

Key Specifications
  • Blocks damaging UV rays
  • Maintains flexibility
  • High visibility yellow
  • Superior clamps
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