A wellhead for those looking for sensitive flow adjustment capability and a lower cost assembly.
Conical valve design provides more adjustment positions for greater control
Built-in gas flow measurement and quick connect ports for sampling and temperature measurement
Better control over a wider flow range with proprietary valve design

Precision Accu-Flo Wellhead

Optimize LFG Control, Accuracy and Dependability with QED Accu-Flo Wellheads
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Product Description
Product Description
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QED Accu-Flo wellheads can help prevent landfill gas migration, emissions and subsurface fires. Landfill owners and operators will appreciate the Accu-Flo design that meets the special equirements of landfill gas recovery for environmental compliance and energy production. Easy installation and maintenance of the Accu-Flo wellheads help to maximize gas recovery while minimizing surface emissions and subsurface migration. The pitot tube wellhead design is available with a standard gate valve or with our Exact-Flo control valve. The Exact-Flo valve represents a new generation of flow control devices. The conical tip design provides more linear flow adjustment positions than conventional valves, giving you increased control. The Accu-Flo wellhead features quick-connect measurement ports designed to work most efficiently with our GEM gas analyzers.

Key Specifications
  • Built-in gas flow measurement device (Pitot Tube)
  • Gas temperature and gas sampling quick connect ports
  • Proprietary conical valve
  • Optional gate valve
  • Pitot tube gas flow measurement allows fast, accurate measurement of well production
  • Simple attachment for quick measurement and sampling of gas
  • Accurate well flow adjustment with near-linear flow over the entire range of wellhead capacity
  • Quick, simple maintenance of the control valve
  • Simple to rotate valve wellhead assemble can be adjusted on the fly
  • QED SolarGuard Flex Hose mean fast, and secure, leak resistant attachment
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Key Specifications
  • Proprietary Valve Tip for Greater Control
  • Valve Position Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Stem
  • Durable PVC Schedule 80 Handle
  • Model 100 = 1 - 25 SCFM (/hr)
  • Model 150 = 5 - 50 SCFM (/hr
  • Model 200 = 10 - 125 SCFM (/hr)
  • Model 300 = 35 - 300 SCFM (/hr)
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