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Using Air Strippers for Off-gas Treatment

Off-gas Treatment with E-Z Tray Air strippers

Two pharmaceutical plants in Puerto Rico used large sequencing batch reactor (SBR) systems to treat their wastewater. The primary treatment was an aerobic bio breakdown of the waste. The were forced to change their treament process because of change in treatment regulations. The new regulations required them to treat off-gas that was coming from the SBRs. They were faced with installing a very large catalytic thermal oxidizer (CATOX) to treat the off-gas. They came up with the idea that if they could pretreat the gas with a much more efficient tray stripper on the wastewater side before it entered the SBRs they could use a much smaller CATOX unit. In essence remove the volatiles with a smaller air flow rate before it entered the CATOX. They used two of QED’s 250gpm E-Z Tray® (U.S. Patent Number 5,518,668) units. This is an interesting case where the air stripper is not being used as the primary treatment method but to treat the off-gas. There was a major cost savings by including the E-Z Trays in the process stream.

Off-gas treatment diagram