Wellhead Assembly Well Cap

Hundreds of wellhead cap and flange combinations are available from QED on a standard and custom basis to fit site needs and ease installation and service. Common features inclu...

Torpedo Pumps

Durable Torpedo™ - SlimJim Slide slope Pump Systems easily slide over internal pump obstacles for landfill and remediation applications.

Slider - Pneumatic Displacement Pump

Slider™ Pumps are ideal for landfill pumping, providing excellent resistance to sediment clogging and solvent attack during even the toughest jobs.

Retriever™ Remote Wireless Data Acquisition

The built in microprocessor takes hourly data readings from the flow and level sensors, and stores the data. Each night, a data packet containing the daily data is sent to your...

Pump Pull E Pump Extractor

Removing pumps from landfill gas, leachate or groundwater remediation wells for cleaning or maintenance can be time-consuming, awkward and physically demanding. QED’s Pump Pull...

Pneumatic Displacement Pumps

Pneumatic Displacement Pumps are air-powered, requiring an external timer-based controller to control the air cycling off and on to the pump. Alternating venting cycles allow th...

LNAPL & DNAPL Interface Meter

Interface Meter offers reliable, accurate and safe detection of floating non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) and sinking dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL).

Lieutenant Electric Pump Control Panels

Premium control panels are engineered to bring the most sophisticated, easy-interface control and system status display capabilities to the field.

Hose and Tubing

QED has the widest range of hose and tubing options for expansion of your pumping system.

Easy Level Liquid Indicator™

The new Easy Level™ Liquid Level Indicator makes it easy to see if the liquid level has exceeded the maximum level desired.

Easy Fitting Automatic Pump™

The Easy Fitting™ Quick-release Connectors is a new type of lower-cost, quick fitting for the AutoPump® (U.S. Patent Number 5,004,405), designed for severe duty downwell conditi...

Easy Bolt™

The Easy Bolt™ provides the function of conventional nuts and bolt sets, but uses a simple lever action instead of wrenches. The Easy Bolt fits through the flange bolt holes and...

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