QED has a suite of online tools that are designed to help you make the right decisions about your application. Whether you need to determine what type of air stripper should be used for a certain job, or just wonder how much more gas can be collected from your landfill well, these tools can help.

Orifice Plate Flow Calculator

QED orifice flow calculation tool uses AGA and ASME orifice flow calculation methods to provide an estimate of gas flows.

Pump Cost Comparison Calculator

Calculate and compare annual maintenance cost of any landfill and remediation pump with the new QED AutoPump® AP4 Ultra.

Landfill Pump Flow Rate Calculator

Calculate Landfill Pump Flow Rate with our easy to use online tool.

Site Weather Tool

Find out information on the weather at your site, input your location and dates for an up to date weather forcast. Try the site weather tool.

Air Stripper Online Modeler

This simple tool can help you select the best air stripper model for your needs.

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