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For over 35 years their expertise has included Pumping Systems, Landfill Products, and Air Strippers.

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Automatic Pumps

In 1986, QED's AutoPump® originated the automatic air-powered pump concept, leading the industry ever since. AutoPumps were designed specifically to handle difficult conditions reliably and safely, including hydrocarbon (LNAPL and dissolved phase) remediation, solvent (dissolved phase and DNAPL) cleanup, suspended solids, silts, corrosives and high viscosities, along with high temperatures and frequent starts and stops. Air-powered AutoPumps, proven worldwide at thousands of remediation sites, are the No. 1 choice of professionals based on reliability, durability, performance range and technical support.

The superiority of the AutoPump design is based on four key strengths:

  • high clearance fluid pathways
  • using air as the motive force
  • materials of construction matched to site conditions
  • a simple yet rugged operating mechanism

AutoPump® AP4 for High Performance Air-Powered Cleanup Pumping
The original automatic air-powered pump for the most demanding applications.

  • The highest flow rates and deepest pumping capabilities in the industry.
  • Broad selection of materials of construction to handle solids, agressive liquids, harsh environments, high temperature, low and high pH, viscosity and more.
  • Three lengths available (long, short, and low drawdown) to meet different water column and drawdown requirements.
  • Top and bottom inlet models for skimming and total fluids pumping in 4" (100 mm) ID and larger wells.

AutoPump® AP2 for Small Diameter Remediation Wells
Maximum capabilities and flow rates for small diameter wells and risers.

  • All metallic construction for superior performance in 2" (50 mm) ID and larger wells.
  • Two lengths available with top and bottom inlets to meet different water column and drawdown requirements.
  • Handles solids, agressive liquids, harsh environments and more.