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Precision Level Reader



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Accurate, Safe and Efficient Liquid Levels

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The QED Precision Level Reader (PLR) is the most accurate, safest and efficient method for determining leachate and/or condensate levels in gas wells.

Levels are detected within seconds and are recorded with a time, date and location stamp, with no need to interrupt vacuum in the well.

Using a permanently installed weight and tube, the PLR engages a micro-compressor and differential sensors to

determine a water level reading that is never affected by foam and will not cross-contaminate from well to well.

Key Advantages

Safety - No more messing around with a water tape or well seal removal. Level readings take a fraction of the time and effort, with no exposure of technicians to dangerous gases or liquids in the process.

Accuracy - Levels are taken with vacuum remaining intact, meaning no errors due to foam in the well or vacuum losses.

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Redefining Intelligent SCADA Networks

We also offer advanced intelligent wireless mesh systems. As part of an integrated leachate and liquid management system using the same technology, providing out of the box SCADA solution deployment through a range of distributed wireless data systems.

These modules provide a robust solution that meets strict data recording standards without the ongoing high cost of manual readings for multiple data sets including:

  • Depth
  • Gas / Liquid Flow
  • Pressure
  • Methane and Oxygen Content




pdfDownload the Precision Level Reader Datasheet605.65 KB


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With average level readings taking only seconds, operators see immediate and long-term labor savings.

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No more pen and paper; all readings are displayed immediately and stored electronically for future access.

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Proven industry-standard materials and manufacturing techniques ensure a high quality, durable product.

System Components:

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1. Plexus Controls Rugged Handheld System

  • Fully mobile system with integrated GPS for automatic node discovery
  • Full Read/Write capabilities to every node
  • Incorporated gauge differential pressure sensor for liquid level measurement
  • Rechargeable internal batteries

2. Trimble (or equivalent) Rugged Hand Held Unit including touch screen and integrated Bluetooth

3. Custom permanent fitting kit for one-time installation at each node


  • Customized Interface Application Software
  • User friendly digital display, audible and visual alerts
  • Simple data recording and storage options
  • Displays results in either imperial or metric measurements
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled Windows Mobile 6 OS handset