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Cylindrical Low Profile VOC Air Stripper How it Works

E-Z Stacker Air Stripper

Low Cost, Low Maintenance, Low Flow Performance

The innovative design of E-Z Stacker® (U.S. Patent Number 5,518,668) Air Strippers delivers many advantages to environmental consultants, remediation contractors, and end-users.

E-Z Stacker models are sized and priced to be the most economical choice for many low to moderate flow cleanup applications (up to 40 GPM). Low capital expense and low O & M requirements make the difference.

The unique E-Z Stacker configuration consists of a series of integrally-molded shell/tray modules. The multiple sieve tray design uses forced-draft air bubble generation to provide rapid, effective VOC removal (up to 99%).

Every element of the heavy-duty HDPE construction has been engineered for durable, reliable performance with a multi-step positive seal against leakage.

Easy disassembly cuts cleaning costs

Disassembly for routine cleaning is a quick, simple, one-person job. The whole stack (4 or 6 trays) can be taken apart by releasing just four connections. Trays have no loose parts when disassembled, and cannot be reassembled incorrectly.

Easy-access fittings allow units to be placed in corners or other tight spaces. Two sizes are available in four or six-tray versions, for maximum flow ranges from 1-25 GPM.