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Backpack Controller Overview

The Ultimate in Portable Control and Power for Low-Flow Sampling

The MP15 (U.S. Patent Number 6,508,310) MicroPurge® Backpack combines advanced low-flow control with the quiet power of a built-in compressed gas source, for the ultimate in portability and ease of use in sampling ground water with bladder pumps.

The MicroPurge MP15 (U.S. Patent Number 6,508,310) Controller revolutionizes low-flow ground water sampling with advanced logic control of purge flow and well drawdown. Simple up-down arrow keys increase and decrease purge flow to meet low-flow requirements. Once optimized, settings can be easily recalled in the next round of sampling.

Portable power to sample ground water with any bladder pump

The easy, advanced MicroPurge flow rate and drawdown control features are housed in a molded case along with a lightweight CO2 cylinder, putting everything you need to operate bladder pumps into one easily portable unit. A standard padded nylon case protects the MP15 MicroPurge control & power pack in transport, provides over-the-shoulder on-site carrying convenience, and even has a hook on the back to let you hang it from the well casing during sampling.

With this combination, a complete sampling setup can be carried by a single person, to reach wells where trucks or even compressor carts can't go.

The 5 lb (2.3 kg) capacity CO2 cylinder provides hours of sampling power, and is easily refilled. But the MP15 isn't just for remote monitoring wells. Its built-in bypass fitting allows it to be used with larger cylinders or other gas sources, extending your range even more.

The MP15 also offers an easy way to prevent excessive drawdown during purging of monitoring wells, by linking to the optional MP30 Drawdown/Water Level Meter.

The lightweight, compact MP15 leads the field with genuine MicroPurge low-flow ground water sampling equipment, the most complete line of equipment for low-flow sampling.

QED's MicroPurge groundwater sampling equipment is lighter and more portable, and increases sampling crew productivity. Simplified, sealed electronics are put together in a design that delivers famous QED long term durability and value under true field use conditions.

Simple, stable, repeatable flow rate setting

The MicroPurge basics Controller's six-button keypad is your gateway to the control and power of the most advanced low-flow bladder pump control system ever made. With remarkable ease, you will achieve precise, stable control of low pumping rates, quickly and repeatably, from one sampling event to the next.


  • MP10— Digital Low-flow Controller
  • MP10H— High Air Pressure (300 psi) Controller
  • MP10UH— Ultra High Pressure (500 psi) Controller
  • M50— Low-flow Controller/Air Supply



docGround Water Sampling Controller Specification131 KB


pdfMP10 Controller1.07 MB

pdfMP10H Controller3.13 MB

pdfMP10UH Controller4.55 MB

pdfMP50 Compressor/Controller2.89 MB


pdf"Low-Flow Purging and Sampling Ground Water, Evolution of Technology and Standards"677.39 KB


MP15 Advantages

  • All the advanced MicroPurge control (U.S. Patent Number 6,508,310) capabilities for bladder pumps, plus a lightweight, built-in compressed gas source for ultimate portable control and power
  • Exclusive MicroPurge control mode uses simple arrow keys to adjust low-flow rates easily and repeatably, using a microprocessor to re-create flow adjustment strategies used by experienced samplers.
  • The MP15 weighs just 27 lbs (12 Kg) with a full cylinder in its padded nylon field case. Backpack carrying leaves hands free for other sampling equipment.
  • Also includes capability for optional drawdown control with link to the MP30 (U.S. Patent Number 6,456,201) Drawdown Meter
  • Lightweight, silent drive power: 3.5 hours of purging capacity at 75 foot (22.8m) pump depth! A high quality CO2 regulator is included, along with a cylinder change wrench: field ready!
  • The MP15 includes a quick-connect bypass fitting so other compressed gas sources can also be used, for maximum versatility.