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Digital Controller Overview

Simple, stable, repeatable flow rate setting

The MicroPurge® MP10 Controller (U.S. Patent Number 6,508,310) revolutionizes low-flow ground water sampling with advanced logic control of purge flow and well drawdown. Simple up-down arrow keys increase and decrease purge flow to meet low-flow requirements. Once optimized, settings can be easily recalled in the next round of sampling.

The MP10 also offers an easy way to prevent excessive drawdown during purging of monotoring wells, by linking to the optional MP30 Drawdown/Water Level Meter.

The lightweight, compact MP10 leads the field with genuine MicroPurge low-flow groundwater sampling equipment, the most complete line of equipment for low-flow sampling.

QED's MicroPurge sampling equipment is lighter and more portable, and increases sampling crew productivity. Simplified, sealed electronics are put together in a design that delivers famous QED long term durability and value under true field use conditions.


  • MP10H - High Air Pressure (300 psi) Controller
  • MP10UH - Ultra High Pressure (500 psi) Controller
  • M15 - Low-flow Control and Power Pack
  • MP50 - Low-flow Controller/Air Supply



docGround Water Sampling Controller Specification131 KB


pdfMP10 Controller1.07 MB

pdfMP10H Controller3.13 MB

pdfMP10UH Controller4.55 MB

pdfMP50 Compressor/Controller2.89 MB


pdf"Low-Flow Purging and Sampling Ground Water, Evolution of Technology and Standards"677.39 KB


MP10 Advantages

  • Exclusive MicroPurge (U.S. Patent Number 6,508,310) control mode uses simple arrow keys to adjust low-flow rates easily and repeatably, using a micro-processor to re-create the flow adjustment strategies used by experienced ground water samplers.
  • Exclusive drawdown control via link to optional MP30 (U.S. Patent Number 6,456,201) Drawdown/Water Level Meter, which signals MP10 Controller to enter paused pumping when drawdown limit is exceeded.
  • Multi-mode digital control includes MicroPurge Mode, ID Mode for repeat events, and manual control.
  • The proven reliability and durability leader- weatherproof controls are housed in a rugged, compact 10-3/4" x 9-3/4" x 5" (27 x 25 x 13 cm) case.
  • Full digital display of all setting and status information.