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Low Flow Sampling Pumps for Dedicated Groundwater Sampling | EPA Report

Well Wizard EPA Report In August of 1999 QED was part of the US EPA Technology Verification Program (ETV) on Groundwater Sampling Technologies. The US EPA ETV program facilitates the deployment of innovative or improved environmental technologies through performance verification and dissemination of information. The EPA ETV reports provide high-quality, peer-reviewed data on technology performance to those involved in the design, distribution, financing, permitting, purchase, and use of environmental technologies.

The EPA report and verification statement indicate: "The results of this verification test show that the Well Wizard bladder pump and associated pneumatic controller can be used to collect VOC contaminated water samples that are statistically comparable to a reference method with regard to both precision and accuracy."

pdfDownload the Complete US EPA ETV Report on the Well Wizard® Bladder Pump416.44 KB

pdfDownload the US EPA ETV Verification Statement on the Well Wizard Bladder Pump40.72 KB