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Testing of QED Sample Pro® 1.75” Portable Bladder Pump for Perfluorinated Compounds




Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs, also called perfluorinated alkylated substances or PFAs) have been identified as an emerging contaminant in ground water at sites across the US and possibly worldwide. Site owners and their environmental consultants are being tasked with sampling for the presence of these chemicals at extremely low concentration levels, down to several parts per trillion (or nanograms per liter). As part of this sampling, concerns have been raised that any sampling equipment that contains fluoropolymers of polytetrafluoroethylene (e.g., *Teflon®, such as PTFE, FEP and PFA) and fluoropolymer elastomers (e.g., polyvinylidene fluoride, or PVDF) could leach PFCs into ground water samples. This has already led some users to exclude the use of any sampling equipment containing fluoropolymers or fluoroelastomers when testing for PFCs.

QED conducted a test of the Sample Pro® 1.75” Portable Bladder Pump to determine if any PFCs would leach from materials in the pump. We also tested our commonly used sample tubing materials for the same purpose.


Test Method and Results

The Sample Pro 1.75-inch portable bladder pump was tested as a complete assembly (pump body, housing and check balls, LDPE bladder and Viton O-rings). The test was conducted by soaking for 24 hours in a stainless steel test fixture (5 gallons/20 liters volume) and collecting samples from the stand tube. The samples were analyzed for 24 different perfluorinated compounds at very low detection limits (see analyte list, attached). All detection and reporting limits used are much lower than the US EPA Health Advisory of 70 nanograms per liter (parts per trillion). In addition, QED also tested all of our twin-bonded tubing materials – polyethylene (PE), Teflon-lined PE and all Teflon tubing – by soaking each tubing material for 48-72 hours directly in sample bottles; all three tubing materials also came back as non-detect for PFCs.

The results for the Sample Pro pump and all three tubing materials were non-detect for all 24 PFCs above the stated Method Detection Limits (MDLs) listed below. Based on this, our QED Sample Pro pump and any standard QED tubing should not contribute any PFCs to ground water samples taken with these products.

For applications where materials specifications prohibit the use of Viton O-rings, QED has Buna-n (nitrile) O-ring kits for the Sample Pro portable bladder pump. The kit contains 10 complete sets of O-rings, and can be ordered using Part Number 38362-B.

*Teflon® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. It is used herein to describe a range of various fluorcarbon plastic resin formulations.


Anaylte List for PFC Testing in Water – QED Sample Pro 1.75” Portable Bladder Pump


Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acids and Perfluorinated Carboxylic Acids by HPLC/MS

Analysis Method: PFC/537M
Prep Method: EPA 3535A
Sample Matrix: Water


Perfluorobutanoic Acid - PFBA 0.57 10 ng/L
Perfluoropentanoic acid - PFPeA 0.31 5 ng/L
Perfluorobutane sulfonate - PFBS 0.41 5 ng/L
Perfluorohexanoic acid - PFHxA 0.89 5 ng/L
Perfluoroheptanoic acid - PFHpA 0.31 5 ng/L
Perfluorohexane sulfonate - PFHxS 0.35 5 ng/L
Perfluorooctanoic acid - PFOA 0.27 5 ng/L
Perfluorononanoic acid - PFNA 0.51 5 ng/L
Perfluorooctane sulfonate - PFOS 0.6 5 ng/L
Perfluorodecanoic acid - PFDA 0.46 5 ng/L
Perfluoroundecanoic acid - PFUnA 0.6 5 ng/L
Perfluorodecane sulfonate - PFDS 0.58 5 ng/L
Perfluorododecanoic acid - PFDoA 0.53 5 ng/L
Perfluoroheptane sulfonate - PFHpS 0.49 5 ng/L
Perfluorooctanesulfonamide - FOSA 0.7 5 ng/L
Methylperfluoro-1-octanesulfonamide - N-MeFOSA 0.56 5 ng/L
Ethylperfluoro-1-octanesulfonamide - N-EtFOSA 0.79 5 ng/L
Perfluoro-n-tridecanoic acid - PFTrDA 0.24 5 ng/L
Perfluorotetradecanoic acid - PFTeDA 0.44 5 ng/L
2-(N-methylperfluoro-a-octanesulfonamido)-ethanol - N-MeFOSE 0.86 5 ng/L
2-(N-ethylperfluoro-a-octanesulfonamido)-ethanol - N-EtFOSE 0.7 5 ng/L
6:2 Fluorotelomersulfonate - 6:2 FTS 0.72 5 ng/L
8:2 Fluorotelomersulfonate - 8:2 FTS 1.1 5 ng/L
HFPO-DA 5 5 ng/L