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Easy Port™ Fittings

The First Capped Barb Fitting with a Seal-tight Cover

Newest QED Wellhead 2017

QED Wellhead Easy Ports

Easy Port™ (Patent Pending) Capped Barb Fittings from QED resolve many of the issues that traditional barbs have, such as metal barbs that can be sharp and cut through the barb cover and tubing, brass fittings that corrode when exposed to H2S gas, and plastic barbs, which can break or snap off.

Easy Port™ Fittings are made with fiber reinforced nylon. Their heavy walls reduce heat loss and freezing inside the fitting, and they are UV-protected for a much longer field life. The cap seals tightly but can be easily removed with a simple twist, and it is tethered to the fitting so it cannot be dropped, lost, or stolen by birds, like vinyl or rubber caps.

Easy Port™ Fittings are standard equipment on all new QED Wellheads. Retrofit kits are available for any manufacturers' wellhead with a 1/4-inch NPT thread. Easy Ports can also be used for a variety of vacuum and low-pressure applications.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call QED at (800) 418-9114 for a Free Sample of an Easy Port Fitting.

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 Retrofit KitsModelNPT (in.)Includes:
 QED Wellhead Easy Port™ Kit - 40987 40987 (for QED wellheads)
0.25 2 long and 2 short barbs
 QED Wellhead Easy Port™ Kit - 40986 40986 (for non-QED wellheads) 0.25 4 short barbs




Easy Port™ Fitting Advantages

  • Fitting has traditional barb to hold tubing securely and screw cap to provide leak-proof seal.
  • Constructed of high-strength, fiber reinforced nylon.
  • Minimized ID reduces water pooling and buildup
  • Cap is tethered to the fitting so it cannot be dropped or lost
  • Freeze-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Bird-proof