QED Environmental Systems is the leading manufacturer of innovative environmental products.
For over 35 years their expertise has included Pumping Systems, Landfill Products, and Air Strippers.

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Landfill Gas Products Overview


Precision Wellheads

Designed to allow for precise control and direct measurement of landfill gas flow.

Precision Fine Tune Control Valve

Precision Fine Tune™ Control Valve

Easily and precisely adjust the gas flow from a well, rather than just turning the flow on or off.

Accu-Flo Wellhead

Accu-Flo Wellhead

Accu-Flo wellheads can help prevent landfill gas migration, emissions and subsurface fires.

LFG Well Cap

LFG Well Cap

The first gas well cap that allows liquid level readings without removing the wellhead.

Landtec Gas Analyzers

Gas Analyzers

The latest technology and innovation to the Landfill Gas and Biogas industries.



Quick-Change Wellhead

  • Changing to the correct orifice plate takes only seconds, with no time wasted shutting down the control valve or retuning the well.
  • Serviceable Control Valve
    Just remove 4 machine screws on the Precision Fine Tune™ Control Valve for simple, quick maintenance in the field.
  • Easier to Attach Hose
    QED’s Solarguard™ Flex Hose slides over the tapered hose connection for fast, secure attachment.
  • Molded Construction
    Glass-filled polypropylene makes the wellhead stronger, withstands heat better (200 °F vs 140 °F), and is UV-resistant.
  • Convenient Control Valve
    New snap-together design, with no glued joints, allows the valve to be pivoted for custom orientation.


Accu-Flo Wellhead

  • Choice of Flow Control
    Gate valve or Exact-Flo control valves to optimize LFG control, accuracy and dependability
  • Proprietary Tip
    The conical tip design provides more adjustment positions for greater control
  • Built-in Gas Flow Measurement Device
    And gas temperature and quick-connect gas sample ports