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Precision Fine Tune Control Valve - Flow Curves



More Turns =
More Fine Tuning Control

As shown in these charts, a standard gate valve (blue curve) goes from fully closed to near maximum flow with only 3-4 turns of the handle, making it difficult to set the gas flow with any degree of accuracy.


QED’s Precision Fine Tune™ Control Valve (U.S. Patent Number 8,800,597) (red curve) takes 9+ turns to go from fully closed to near maximum flow, making flow adjustment far more linear. Because QED's valve requires more turns to achieve a given flow rate change, it allows the operator to make more precise adjustments. This is especially true at lower flow rates.

pdfPrecision Fine Tune™ Control Valve Datasheet304.34 KB

2in.QED Control Valve and 2in. Spears Gate Valve@40 H2O


3in.QED Control Valve (Low flow) and 3in. Spears Gate Valve @40 H2O




2in.QED Control Valve Flow Test



2in.Spears Gate Valve Flow Test



3in QED Control Valve with/without Low Flow plug @40 H2O


3in QED Control Valve Flow Rate Test