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Tough Seal - Overview




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Dual Compression Provides Multiple Sealing Surfaces for Tightest Well Seal

The QED Tough Seal (U.S. Patent Number 9,316,082 B2, Canadian patent 2,804,699) is arguably the tightest sealing, safest and most durable seal available on the market today, providing unmatched rigidity and pipe support for your system.

With multiple sealing surfaces and unsurpassed clamping force, it is designed for all industry standard casing materials and commonly used well head, pump and port configuration sizes. Customization is available to meet any site specific needs.

Key Advantages

Security - Patent pending dual compression style sealing design performs and excels under the most extreme pressures, vacuums and temperatures.

Safety - The QED Tough Seal does not need to be removed to measure liquid level, temperature or vacuum. Technicians are no longer exposed to hazardous gases or liquids, there is no introduction of air into the well, no required shut downs and no rebalancing the well field.

Pressure Tested To Last

The QED Tough Seal has been rigorously tested to withstand the highest amount of pressure of any standard industry sealing option. The results speak for themselves.

Our gas well seals have the best warranty in the solid waste industry. Each gas well seal comes with a 5-year, no-hassle warranty against manufacturers’ defects.

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QED Well Tough Models

QED Tough Seals are available in many models, covering an extremely broad range of casing material, diameter, thickness and port selection. Seals can also be customized for your application.





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Unsurpassed rigidity and pipe support prevent sag or movement on the largest, heaviest pumps and well heads.

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Flexible and Compatible

Accommodates HDPE, PVC and other casing materials. Port configurations are compatible with all typical pumps and devices.

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Durable and Long Lasting

Durable and Long Lasting Fabricated from high grade Stainless Steel and Nitrile that do not degrade over time.

Ports & Functions

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1. Well Head

  • Gas extraction. Available in sizes up to 4”.

2. Leachate Extraction or Remediation Pumping

  • Typical pump discharge port.
  • Ideal for camera insertion or large diameter well access port if no pump is required.

3. Air & Exhaust Connections

  • Typical ports for air and exhaust connections. Plugs supplied standard. Compressed filter kits available.

4. Water Level Measurement

  • Typical port for water tape level measurement or installation of QED Precision Level Reader (PLR).
  • Plugs supplied standard.

5. Welded Hook

  • Optional: Welded eyebolt to hang pumps from the bottom of the well seal.