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Pneumatic Displacement Pump How It Works

Pulse Pump

The Pulse Pump is air-powered and requires an external timer-based controller to control the air cycling OFF and ON to the pump. The external controller provides alternating cycles of venting to allow the pump to fill, and pressurizing to discharge the liquid from the pump. The pump fills through the intake check valve during the refill portion of the cycle, while the pump discharge check valve is sealed. When the external controller applies compressed air to the pump during the discharge cycle, the intake check valve seals and the discharge check valve opens, sending the liquid into the discharge tube to the wellhead. The cycles are then repeated.

The controller options for Pulse Pumps include:

  • The all-pneumatic L360, with settable refill and discharge times to match site conditions. The L360 cycle controller can be coupled with the L370 level controller to stop pump operation when liquid levels fall below the set point.
  • The C100M electronic controller, which can be powered by its built-in solar panel or the included AC adapter. The C100M provides lots of flexibility in cycle times and settable “Off” periods, as well as economical low liquid level shutoff and tank-full float switches. The AC power source is required for continuous pump operation.